Hi. We are Paranormal brothers

Why to be normal?
We are in crypto.
We are all paranormal.



Paranormal Bros. is a member of DVS DAO and a mentor in Validators school.
We believe that blockchains will create a world of freedom, where everybody is equal and consensus is a main principle of any decigion. Our brotherhood of like-minded people doing our best to support projects that bring us closer to our dream.

Stake with us.

We always looking for interesting projects to join and support. Join our brotherhood, be our delegator and get connected.



Core idea

Persistence is an Layer-1 powering an ecosystem of DeFi dApps focused on unlocking the liquidity of staked assets. This chain is a "mother" for Comdex blockchain, Asset Mantle blockchain, Audit.One app.

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Core idea

Comdex is an ecosystem of solutions to democratize finance and bridge DeFi and CeFi. Comdex's synthetics protocol unlocks access to a vast set of commodity debt assets and liquidity, making the flow of capital from DeFi to CeFi seamless.

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Core idea

AssetMantle’s suite of products creates a distributed NFT economy where users can not only develop NFT collections but also their own NFT marketplaces and storefronts.

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Core idea

Unique project that harnessing the power of blockchain to create equal opportunities for cannabis-related industries that grows 45,7% per year.
Adopted and maintained by leading organisations within the cannabis and blockchain industry.

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Core idea

Islamic Coin is a halal digital asset, designed to create value for the Muslim community. It is built on the native Haqq blockchain, and stringently abides by Islamic Finance principles. Just a fact: 1.9 Billion Muslims worldwide.

Inflation is not started yet. Full functionality will be in September 2023

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Core idea

The decentralized and scaled network that solved the blockchain scaling problem with a multithreaded block graph which scales up performances massively.

Project is in testing phase. Will be available in October 2023




Our interest - TBA

24h monitoring to keep nodes up

Strong technical skills.
Just to be always sure.

Our apps for chains.

For the networks we have chosen, we are developing applications that help make the network more convenient and comfortable. We are always open to new challenges, if necessary.


Complex tool for validators

Monitoring & Alerting tool

A monitoring tool, that helps the validator to monitor the current situation with his node. The system includes a Telegram bot that sends alerts for: node is down, a delegation/un/redelegation has been received, new proposal has been created, validator is missing voting (time is almost end), software update is coming, balance of relayer operators address is low

Alternate faucet

Massa alternate faucet

Massa have an official faucet in Discord channel. Sometimes this bot is down.

To support blockchain we made alternate faucet by web application, that users can use when oficcial faucet down.

Monitoring and alerting for Massa testnet

Massa Node Monitoring tool

In Massa testnet, it is important to monitor what's happening with the purchased rolls and the balance of tokens staked. It is also necessary to understand is the node routable now or not.
We have developed an application that keeps statistics of node production, as well as monitors the purchased rolls. And for instant information, a bot was connected that sends notifications if something goes wrong.

Admins & Moderators support

Massa FAQ bot

Admins and moderators of any blockchain are forced to answer a bunch of similar questions. To help them, we have developed a FAQ bot that helps with the most common questions. Also this bot has many useful and... funny functions that not included in help, but used by admins in Massa official channel :)

Brothers are awesome. I'm happy to be a part of them and that they are part of Distributed Validators Synctems.

Few of them graduated our Validator School, one of the best studens.

Vladimir Understanding

- Mentor of Validator School

Cryptocurrency is not just money, it's a new era of decentralization of services, and we are living in.

The good point of blockchains is that we all build it. Everybody equal, no bosses, no stupid orders and laws, we can communicate each other and do networking.

Sergey Pokrovsky

- Developer of Paranormal Brothers

Now it's my time. Digital revolution. Almost everything in digitalized now, even art have NFT tokens. Can you imagine that 10 years ago?

You don't have to love servers or computers, but you have to understand it. Robots, that do most of our work, it's a reality. We just have to know how to program them and how to control, of course.


- Tech engineer at Paranormal Brothers

You can be part of us, delegator. Join our brotherhood.

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- Delegator of Paranormal Brothers